Working in San Francisco

When we got the question, “can you come to San Francisco for a week to have meetings and work?” we of course said yes without a moments hesitation.

Kosmos & Kaos, our new web agency, has a client in the Bay Area that needs a new website and consulting on business development. This is one of our strong suits, design and business development.

The whole trip has been a joy, work went great, the client loved our proposal and now we are heading back to Iceland to finish the design and do programming. Stjáni has had more meetings than me on business development and has of course done a great job. We’ve met with old friends and made some new ones. Seen the City, the hills and ate some great food. We’ve also hooked up with our good friends from Clara, soon to be Birdcore as they’ve just opened offices here in SF, we will also be doing a new site for their Birdcore project, more on that later.

So I loved San Francisco especially China Town cause of all the tea in China but I cant wait to get back home to my beloved wife and kids, give them all loads of hugs and kisses. See you when I get there.


PS, I leave you with some fantastic shots done by my good friend and San Francisco guide Gúndi the photographer

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