Who is this man? Dude, myth or mega designer

gummisig is a freelance web designer with satisfied clients worldwide. gummisig has been designing websites professionally for over eight years, and is very keen on personal service. I would describe gummisig as a spiritual fast learning generalist with a passion for remarkable design.

Guðmundur Bjarni Sigurðsson - Freelance Web DesignerThat´s enough of talking about myself in the third person.

At first I intended to be an animator and went to design school fully motivated to become just that. One thing led to another and 2 years went by and I was a (almost) fully fledged freelance web designer without ever planning to become one.

This fortunate turn of events has lead me to design websites for amazing people, companies and institutions. To work with people from all over the world is very rewarding. Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, India, USA and England are some of the countries I have worked with. Well not the country itself, but people living there.

I have sucessfully been a freelance web designer now for a while and it has given me even more love for this work. I have worked with ad agencies, web developers, diaper makers, pension funds, furniture makers, businiess women & men, friends & family.

I have coded websites with great respect to standards, because it makes life easier for everybody. My site even used to validate, honestly!

I have three soon to be four wonderfull kids, Matti, Regína, Kata and Fríða. I live in Iceland and work both in my sons room in Keflavík and at various coffee houses in Keflavík and Reykjavík, as well as traveling to my clients HQ to work very closely with the people there. This can be anywhere on this Planet, still waiting for warp technology to develop to go beyond it.

Feel free to contact me at any time on any issue like:

  • “I need a basic website. Simple, yet elegant and a remarkable presence on the Internet.”
  • “I want to sell stuff online, can you design me through the process?”
  • “I need a corporate website with simple easy to use Content Management System. No special skills or training needed please”

So here are your action items: Hire me, Contact me or Tell me Your Secrets

Gummi Sig


Senthil Kumaran

Independent consultant, India

“Gudmundur is a world class designer who is not bound by conventional boundaries. He always ventures the unexplored side of every theme that comes his way. I have never seen him shy away from work. He is dedicated, diligent, fun to work with, reliable and creative. Gudmundur has worked on many critical projects in the past few years and each one of them have earned him accolades!! I would have him lead my creative team any time without any hesitations. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

Davíð Tryggvason

Marketing Manager and Founder, www.sparnadur.is

”Gummi is a genius, and it’s a pleasure to work with such a creative and emotionally intelligent designer. Sparnaður business concept is very demanding for moral insight as its business is providing financial consultancy for the interests of the people. I have worked with Gummi for 2,5 years and he got our website nominated for an award in 2009.  Gummi has got his heart and mind at the right place to master every task in his category. Gummi gets my best recommendations for everyone who is seeking the right man for the job.”

Alexander Richter

Owner of www.thinkgeoenergy.com

“ThinkGeoEnergy definitely needed a face lift having used an off-the-shelf WordPress Theme for way too long. So I turned to Gummi for help in creating a brand new and modern look to the site. … well, I wasn’t disappointed. The implementation of my thoughts and Gummi’s ideas was rather smooth, a fantastic collaboration and work. I am very pleased with the outcome, can´t wait to tackle another project with Gummi … if he wouldn’t be so popular right now though.”

Roger Nilsson

Internet Business Advisor, ecSoftware – Sweden

“I have had the pleasure to work with Guðmundur at EC Software doing tenders, websites and e-commerce solutions where he has pitched and done the design in the projects. Guðmundur always come up with great graphical ideas and striking good design. He has a great ability to read the client’s wishes and excellent talent to convert it in to usable web design. Guðmundur is also a very fun, inspiring and enjoyable guy to work with. I give him my best recommendations.”