WordPress 2.8 is out, Baker!

Man ohh man it looks sweet. I havent gotten around to installing yet and to be honest I´m a bit reluctant to do it with out some kind of testing environment first. Wouldnt want the site to come crashing down on me however unlikely that is.

But being relatively new to the whole wordpress universe I´m finding all this very exciting. I just love wordpress. It was very nice to see that they have made a very good introductory video for this version. They also explain the whole jazz thing, very smooth, very smooth indeed.

What has me most excited is the new handling of widgets, multiple instances with out any hastle. And they just look jazzy smooth.

So I was wondering if anyone reading this had already upgraded to 2.8? Care to share your thoughts? Enlighten the rest of us?

Be sure to check out the video and also head over to wordpress.tv where there is loads of video wordpress goodness.

Thanks to Winold Reiss for the illustration in the background, may he rest in peace.

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