The making of – Part 1

My previous employer in Denmark, Bjarne Lindlab, always said that the car mechanics car was the crappiest car on the streets. The mechanic never has time to fix his own, always busy working on other peoples automobiles.

I really wanted to avoid this happening to me when I started freelancing. After all, what is a freelance web designer without his own website? Kind of like a championship swimmer without his swimming trunks, but let´s not get to deep on that analogy.

I knew from the get go that I wanted to use wordpress. I had done some sites in wordpress before, but never a design portfolio, let alone one that should be as content heavy as I had planes to make So I started looking around for themes that could be the backbone of the operation.

The first one I saw was Sharpfolio. It looked very good but never fulfilled my wishes and I knew nothing about customizing wordpress so to speak. So i decided to leave wordpress alone for a while and make some design sketches and focus on the social portfolios instead while the design was brewing.

Sometimes starting from a completely blank canvas can be scary, this time it was! I felt pressure to get something out asap since I needed something to represent my home or office on the net. How were prospective clients supposed to find my if I had nothing? All the pressure came from myself of course. But as it turned out a personal website wasn’t what people looked at that much. At least I have been doing freelance work successfully for a few months now, almost half a year without having a website. But enough about that.

I started sketching in photoshop and paper and made some really bad designs, hehe. But when I look back at them now I realize how necessary they were for the final result. On one that looked like it looks like, you can see the first clouds come out. I just love clouds, could stare at them all day, so i really needed to have clouds in there to get some kind of personal touch to it all. I want the site to represent me as a designer and person.

Then I tried some stuff with the sharpfolio template, that looked like I was just starting out in the business. And then it happened, it was a bee. Yes that little bee and flower set me on the right course. It was from that idea that the final site originated. I wanted to illustrate something beautiful and natural and thought of a bee and flower. Ubuntu concept you know. This is because that is.

I then went on to try hundreds of ideas for this basic layout that came from the flower and bee. The layout still remains the same but the background and typography has changed countless times.

It was from here that I worked hard to finish the site design. I went through a plethora of iterations for the background before I settled on the one that I´m using today. And I love this background I might add.

The majority of the work that remained was done only with css & html, and some php of course. That stuff I´m gonna talk about in part 2.

I cant say the design is completely finished, so the work is ongoing. So stay tuned human

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