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Sparnaður ehf is a financial consulting type of company that helps people save money in various ways. Kind of like Robin Hood without the stealing part. All in all they have good karma around them.

They contacted and asked me to come in as an independent consultant for their website. Their company name Sparnaður means to save in Icelandic and that is what they wanted to do, and make a smashing new website while they were at it. So we decided to drop their vendor that had their own cms and decided to go with an open source solution, in this case WordPress.

I handled all the design, a lot of coding and content as well. I´ve never had my finger so thoroughly in a website before which is quite nice to tell the truth. This site has turned out very nice and got nominated for an award at the Icelandic Web Awards.

Front page

Sparnaður ehf - Viðbótarlífeyrissparnaður  Lífeyristryggingar  Fjárhagslausnir  Uppgreiðsluþjónusta  Fjármálaráðgjöf

Sub pages

Tryggingar   Sparnaður ehf

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