Singing, guitar playing and making music

This isnt web design related but more creatively related, is that a word?

I´ve had a bunch of songs written for some time now, quite a long time actually. It´s always been in the back of my head nagging me to do something with it. So I´ve started recording.

Some of the songs are around 10 years old so it´s about time. Having a family and a career doesnt leave a lot of time for hobbies. But since our 4th child is coming and we left more time in between kids this time, there is a bit of breathing space.

So without further adue let me present the “band” Skorri Moggi. I´ll be talking about this a lot in the coming months so please bare with me. I promise to not neglect the design part of me in the mean time.

Here´s a short clip from the song I´m currently working on.
I´m awake / I´m away – Short demo by Skorri Moggi

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