Overwhelming responce to gummisig.com

What can I say, I cant believe this actually. The responce to the site has been totally amazing. I would just like to say thanks for all the galleries that featured this site, and if there is someone out there who out of the kindness of their heart tipped some of these galleries of to this site, sincerely, thank you very much.

Thanks to all the new followers on twitter too, incredibly nice to meet some of you.

As for site traffic the increase has been dramatic. 2,733.91% (make that 3.906,25%, or make that 5,368.82%, or 7,103.85%, or 8,204.88%) increase in traffic after these features. Most of the traffic is coming from bestwebgallery and css mania is also feeding visitors this way. Now I say with certainty to some of my clients that good design means good SEO too. All this traffic is upping my pagerank significantly.

This has really inpsired me to keep working on the site and hope to make it better. To be honest I was aiming for a slow start and improve things over the next few weeks and then bombard the galleries with submissions, but this all happened by itself.

I´ve updated the comments section in hopes it will be easier to use. As well as some headline changes and some other small tweaks. This will of course continue over the next few weeks. All these cool stats in google analytics will really help things along.

Hope to see you again reader

Guðmundur Bjarni Sigurðsson

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