My favorite web/graphics designers

It´s a rainy day here in Iceland, but the mood is quite cozy. What better opportunity is there to do the post I´ve been waiting to do now for a few weeks. My favorite designers, and the designers that influence my work the most.

This is a list of the designers, graphic, web or other kind of designers.

Egill Harðar

An icelandic fellow designer and friend. I remember starting out designing stuff and he was very prominent at the icelandic web design stage in particular.

Alli Metall

The story behind Alli is pretty similar as Egill, was really doing remarkable (and still is) stuff when I was starting out. And we used to play golf together when we were younger. If I remember correctly I used to beat him consistently.

Jonathan Gerlach

Similar story as with Alli and Egill, Jonni is just a great designer. Make sure you swing by his site and look at all the juicy stuff. He works mainly in web design.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Can you really call Jeffrey a designer or just an amazing css nerd? Anyway his book designing with web standards changed the game for me

Jason Santamaria

Heard about this guy from Mr. Zeldman and thankful for it. Really helped me appreciate typography and attention to detail. Be sure to check out typedia while your at it.

Rob Morris

An australian bloke  which I´ve sent a few mails to and he´s always responded with kind words. His site greatly influenced the design of mine. I love his stuff.

James White

Those flares and diagonal lines just captivate me. And his use of subtle colors always make me happy 🙂

Tim Van Damme

This guy is just amazing. I heard of him through Elliot Jay Stocks whos another great designer. Tim designed the 24ways site that is one of my all time favorite sites to look and read.

There are probably more guys and gals that I cant remember at the moment. But man, these are some great ones, dont you think?

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