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Got a mysterious Skype call from Sweden asking me to design a really big webstore one day. My interrest aroused I rose to the task and went forth with the blessings of my family. Or what ever.

I worked on this for a few days in Iceland and then flew to Stockholm to continue the from work there. A real rock start web-designer. Several meetings with the client and their ad agency were very nice, they are Swedish after all. The trip itself was brilliant. Sort of a working holiday. I ate sushi everyday and stayed at a very nice hotel where I worked until midnight everyday.

Note: The site was made ready for launch in a tight deadline so not all of the things have been made to look their best yet. But I have been assured that the things I have commented on will be fixed

Front page

Front page design presented and agreed upon by the clientFront page design for june launch, with UEFA cup banners

Sub pages

Landing pageA very nice, if I say so myself, text page

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