Leaving the freelance business

Hey gang, I suppose it’s not news to everybody but I’ve left the freelance business for the agency scene.

I’ve long thought about growing my business and last October I took a big step in that direction by forming Kosmos & Kaos with a good friend of mine Kristj√°n Gunnarsson. I’d been using the name Kosmos & Kaos for the company I was running but not actively using it as a front so to speak.

We’ve been growing very fast these last few months and have started working with some great new clients. Seems the moment we decided to have an agency bigger clients started knocking at our door, you could say the decision was a Kosmik event.

Stay tuned for more stuff, and hopefuly we’ll get a chance to work on the site for Kosmos & Kaos too, you know what they say, the cobblers kid’s never have shoes.

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