I got featured in Best Web Gallery

I was checking my analytics this last weekend and was very surprised to see that I had over 1.000 visits on saturday the 6th of june. I was even more surprised when I saw where the traffic was coming from, my favorite online css gallery Best Web Gallery. You can see the feature and what people think about the design at this link: http://bestwebgallery.com/2009/06/05/gummisig/ …if you like the design or dont, please comment

After jumping up and down and yelling yeaaahhh. I quickly went to twitt about it and share on facebook.

This is quite and honor for me since I have secretly wanted to be featured in this gallery, so finally getting there is very rewarding. Big thanks to Nick La for the feature.


The links keep roling in and are hard to keep track of. If anyone reading this would be so kind hearted as to post a comment with links I would really appreciate it. I will then post something total in a few days with all the links.

I leave you with some screens of this joyous event in your browser dear reader.


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