I´m booked till October 2010

new-born-baby-1aSince I´m still getting a lot requests for work I thought I might post a short update on my current work engagements.

As it happens I´m fully booked on a gig here in Luxembourg until the middle of August. It´s a biggie so all my efforts only go into this one gig.

After this gig I have a very big family gig coming up. My wife is do to give birth to our 4th child early September. This is of course a monumental occasion for any family, large or small. After this I´m gonna take time off to tend to my wife and new born, and the rest of the family of course. I´m planning on starting work again around the middle of October.

So if you are the patient type or the type that plans well ahead, please send me a line and we can take it from there.

Regards from Luxembourg

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