Honesty and Authenticity in Design Business

Man, I´ve been so busy with work for these last few months that I forgot to post this great interview that Design Litmus took with me when Matt Crest was traveling in Iceland.

We are sitting in the Blue Lagoon Cafe in the uhhh Blue Lagoon which is pretty close to where I live in Iceland. Must say that Matt is a great guy and a great designer, check out his stuff on www.artletic.com. He has done some amazing design work. And the Design Litmus site is always a great read.

Where do they come up with those clever names?

Anyways, this was my first ever interview as a designer. I was interviewed a couple of times when I was in a band, but those days seem so far away. I was really nervous as you might see with the redness of my neck 🙂

Gummisig Interview from Design Litmus on Vimeo.

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