gummisig wins again @ the Icelandic Web Awards

Extremely honored to tell yall that I won another Icelandic Web Award on Friday the 4 th of February.

This time it was for best design or interface for the site. It’s such a great joy since I got to do whatever I wanted on this one and the site is really “me” so to speak. Hopefully I will be able to do equally good work for other clients 🙂 Some people seemed to think so cause Gítargrip and another site I designed and produced got nominated, that one for a local law firm called LS Legal.

After they had announced the awards in all the categories that were nominated I had ruled out winning anything this year. So when they announced this one it was a really good surprise. I had already sent my wife an SMS saying I hadn’t won anything this year, a short while later I had to send another one.

I just want to thank the judges and SVEF for the great gala they had and for hosting the awards every year, must take a lot of work I can imagine.

This award really makes me want to continue to push the envelope and do greater things, it’s always great to get a pat on the back for doing good work. Let alone if it comes from your pears. Hopefully next year I will win again, but that time round it will be through my newly formed web agency Kosmos & Kaos, but more on that later.

PS, I’ll add photos as soon as I get some 😉

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