featured in Smashing Magazine

That´s me, sitting in half lotus

That´s me, sitting in half lotus

There is not end to the fun it seems. Smashing Magazine, one of the best if not the best design and web design magazine´s on the web, featured in their article about best practices for effective design of about me pages. So it seems I got something right when designing this site.

It´s funny they picked that page especially and mentioned the photo. The photo was taken by my wife in the kitchen on my cellphone. It was always meant to be a temp image until I got a real picture taken. The publicity the site has gotten has caught me somewhat of guard and I haven’t gotten round to taking a new photo yet. One friend said about the photo, “ok, you are a pale Icelander but you really should get a better photo” :), what can I say, I´m not that photogenic.

Much love to Smashing Magazine for featuring me, they are the coolest and I´ve been reading their stuff for years. So this is fantastic to say the least. But I´d better stop bragging about being featured here and there and start writing some real blog articles. I just looked at my blog and it´s almost only featured stuff. I really want to finish my writing for the making of, that will be a fun read.

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