Go behind the scenes, the making of a website

Its gonna turn out splendid

Its gonna turn out splendid

I’m working with some great people on redoing the design for an icelandic web conference called Iceweb.

I consider this quite an honor since it’s the only one of its kind in Iceland and there are some great speakers coming. My good friend @egillhardar designed the previous site and for 2010 there will be a new design.

One of the coolest parts of this is we are using google wave for project management, and we decided to make the whole thing public. Doing this is somewhat inline with the call for added transparency in politics, why not also web design 😉

So enjoy following along as the design unfolds, we switched to english once we knew we wanted the wave to be public. So the world shouldn’t have trouble following along 😉

You can get even more of the excitement, even more of the action at www.icewebconference.com


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