Get you site out there

The Jump“Ohh, it´s not there yet, or I have to finish this one thinge here…” Have you ever heard something similar? I have, it was me before I launched my site.

I dont know why but I´ve always been like this. Maybe Seth Godin hit the nail on the head with that Quieting your lizard brain thing. It´s taken me years of practice to get over this type of deal (sometimes). Always thinking a lot and not doing. In fact I´m still doing this with my music, shit! But I can give some insight with this website and how it came into being.

Like all great peaces of art (I dont mean that) it was hard work. I sometimes get the impression from people, and I do this too, that great people that have succeeded in their field came to do that by shear luck on raw natural talent. Like Tiger Woods could drive the ball 300 yards when he first got a club in his hands. No it was hard work for him, and then he enjoyed the fruits of his labour, a lot !

But I postponed launching it for weeks and weeks cause I never thought it was ready. Finally I just said fuck it and launched the damn thing. It was supposed to be a soft launch, I wasn’t gonna tell anybody about it while I fixed the rest of the things that bugged me. Needless to say I was quite shocked when it got into Best Web Gallery and the visits sky rocketed. But nothing would have happened if I would have continued thinking about launching it and never launched.

What I´m trying to say is just do it! Dont think too much, dont let the fear of failure stop you from trying new stuff. Dont let the fear of what other people think of you stop you from doing your best. We always do our best and it´s good enough for the world in it´s entirety. If we fail, we just try again.

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