Freelance, Luxembourg the whole summer

The very exciting airport in Luxembourg

The very exciting airport in Luxembourg

Got some rather big news to share with yall. I´ve booked the whole summer from june to the 15th of august on a very big project here in Luxembourg, yes I´ve arrived in the European mainland for the summer.

My job will be to design a website (duhh), a client login area and then code the whole thing with beautiful html and css, not necessarily in that order though. I´m a big believer in not doing too much work in Photoshop before starting coding, that is when I´m also handling the coding.

The hardest part of all this will be the physical distance to my wife and kids. They will be staying in Iceland the whole time and hopefully having a good time as I hope I will. But like said, the distance is great so we will try to handle some of that with the wonders of modern technology, thank you Skype, Google and Apple.

I´ll be working for a local pension fund here in Luxembourg where there are some guys I now know thankfully. One of them I know quite well, used to play guitar together in the band dan modan. So I´m guessing I wont be lonely. I´m still gonna do yoga and meditate every morning to stay physically & mentally sharp as well as playing some golf. I hope I´ll be allowed to share some work in progress stuff with everybody as the work unfolds. I´ll have to talk with the people I´m gonna work with about that tomorrow during our first design briefing.

So if you know some design enthusiasts in Luxembourg (might be yourself) please leave a comment and let´s have herbal tea. If your reading this from a distant or not so distant land please keep popping round, I´m gonna post regular updates during my stay here.

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