ecShop – Organic template

Sweden, India & Iceland
Project not online

When I worked at ecSoftware I took a big role in designing the ecShop which is ecSoftwares proprietary e-commerce solution. A lot of work was put into the usability aspect of every pixel and the job was quite rewarding. I learnt a lot about designing e-commerce sites which is it´s own discipline within web design if you ask me. You have to know what you are doing.

This is one of the templates designed for the shop. It is to be sold as a standard template with ecShop.

I wanted to do one organic looking, grungy, sexy design. Lot´s of grunge, not too much though, and some swirly art nouveau type of stuff. And some images of beautiful women. I borrowed some images from freepeople while designing this, and they are still in there for these screenshots.

Front page

ecShop - Organic template front page

Sub pages

ecShop - Organic template landing pageecShop - Organic template detail page with added product

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