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The ecBook website was designed to promote the ecBook online catalogue system, it´s uhhm quite technical. I based this design on the ecSoftware corporate website for branding purposes but also to speed up development time.

ecBook is a very different approach to viewing and displaying pdf´s online. It´s more organic and has a different feel to it, it´s not nearly as technical, more like viewing a real brochure. Allthough it´s still on a computer screen with a mouse.

To capture some of this organic stuff in the design I wanted hand drawn elements to make up most of the graphic elements. There are some squigly bits here and there but the main thing is the headline font and icons.

Patra Tawatpol is very deer friend and an incredibly accomplished illustrator and she drew these amazing icons by hand. We then scanned them in and I did some post proccessing on the scans.

The headline font is Lucida Handwriting displayed with Sifr. For the paragraphs and other text I chose Trebuchet, a nice soft, rounded feminin font to my brain.

Front page

ecBook website - front page

Front page image rolled over

ecBook website - front page rollover

Sub pages

ecBook website - features pageecBook website - features page2

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