Attention, here and now!

Well that headline is from a book by Aldous Huxley a great philosophical writer, but I´ve never read the book. But it´s about what´s going on right now, and so is this post. I want to tell you what I´m doing right now since I havent been that diligent in my posting habits.

  • I have a ton of projects going on, to be honest too many, but I´m hanging in there. If there are some great designers out there that want to work with me, please send me an email.
  • I´ve met a man! No not like that but a man I´d like to do more business with and who knows, we might open an agency at some point. More on that later.
  • My daughter Regína has her birthday next week.
  • We had dolphins swimming in the bay here in Keflavík
  • I´m working for many large companies here in town 😉
  • I´m doing better mentally than ever before, thanks to yoga, meditation and consulting.
  • …and my wife is pregnant with our forth child, how do you like them apples?

…so you could say that it´s good that I have a lot to do, especially with one more kid around the pregnancy corner.

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