A long overdue status update

Fríðan Lúna (Pretty Moon)
Fríðan Lúna (Pretty Moon)

Hello gang. Being the strong silent type that I am my blog has been rather quiet for a long time now. This is not due to the fact that I’m the strong silent type (which I’m not), it’s mostly because I’ve been extremely busy. So here’s a short update on what I’ve been so busy with, in order of magnitude or something like that.

Number one, having a babie
Yes me and my wife (more on her later) had our fourth child September 8th 2010. Like our last child we gave birth at home in our bedroom. We had a midwife and doula present and it was just a profound experience. Being present for a birth is something else, and doing it at home with all the benefits of so doing just make the whole experience all that more…. well profound. We just named our little girl (yes, it was a girl) Fríða Lúna, which mean Pretty Moon in Icelandic.

Getting married
Yes, this designer is no longer available, in the eyes of the law that is. Me and my beloved partner Eydís Lovelly Hentze tied the knot on August the 15th after courting one another for 9 years. It was a beautiful ceremony at home with our closest family, it was just a great day to be held in fond memory for our family.

Happy family
Happy family

Taking time off to tend to baby and mother
I had a month of to tend to mother and baby, wish it could have been longer but we have planned a good summer vacation also. Plan on going to the Faeroe Islands. I did my best to stay away from the computer and not do any work. I pretty much succeeded.

Hitting the ground running
After I came off leave I’ve been super busy with client work, made some really fun new clients. These days I’m working on a big site for Thor Datacenter (sneak peak) which is Iceland’s first fully functional datacenter, so you can only imagine the excitement 😉 After that I’m doing another gig for Thor and then I’m booked till Christmas, if thing go well I’ll be booked til March next year, more on that later.

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