4 things that simplify my working day

There are several things I do before I start working, but I´d like to tell you about these four things, cause they matter a lot. The best things in life are transparent, some of them actually cost something. I love to optimize, so these are some of the fruits of that labor.

  • Online backup. I use mozy for online backup. It´s super easy, reliable and it works. I´ve tried restoring stuff from their servers and it went gravy, no problems what so ever. Plus Mozy is real cheap.
  • 0 inbox and gmail. I use gmail and I really love gmail. I used to use Apples Mail app but switched from that back and forth between it and gmail. I later decided to solely use gmail cause of the shortcut keys, and the fact you can upload multiple attachments, screenshots you know. I then learned a version of the 0 inbox method, try googling that. It´s basically about not having anything in you inbox that you dont need to act on. Everything else gets archived or deleted. I just love the E key in gmail, sends stuff straight to the archive.
  • Online accounting. I use a local system here called Notando, it has a horrid interface at the moment but it sure beats writing out paper invoices and taking them to the post office. Also being able to send invoices every week or every other week keeps the cash flow going, which of course is extremely important for any small company.
  • Using the same filing system every time. I´ve used pretty much the same filing system since I started working in this field. Starting out in 3d really forced me to keep my files organized. If you find something that works for you stick to it. I basically just keeps my psd´s in the root of the company folder I´m working on, sub folders for screenshots, logos, images etc. My main working tool is Photoshop so it made sense to have the psd in the root.

These are some of the things I do, of course there´s a lot more. Who knows, maybe I could write some more along these lines.

What do you do to simplify you working day?

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