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How to make more money as a freelancer

How to make more money as a freelancer

I’ve finally been published, god, what a relief. Or yeah, the very nice Anne Wollenberg contacted me for me to say a few lines for the feature mag on How to make more money as a freelancer. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here’s what I had to say on the matter:

“I try to do yoga and meditate for 30 minutes every morning. I find that by having this daily routine I am so much more focused, fitter, happier and more productive. Everything flows better, I complete the tasks I have and I don’t have to ponder them.”

…and this:

“I try to have a six-hour work day on average. This gives me time to have a good lunch and time for my family. That way, when crunch time comes and I have to work more than this, I have fuel enough for those ‘put your head down and just finish it’ days.”

There were loads of other freelancer pouring from their cup of wisdom, so the mag is highly recomendable. Computer Arts have also been very generous to publish all the tip online here.

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